Frequency converters

Frequency converter is an active part of a modern, alternating electric drive which can provide almost carefree or moment regulation of asynchronous and synchronous electromotors by its output frequency change. It can also provide drive control comfort and its simple connectivity to a superior system.

Frequency converters ALLEN-BRADLEY,  VACON, and more, we can provide on your turnkey. Of course there is also the frequency converters service.

Allen-Bradley: Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive - Allen-Bradley PowerFlex® 6000

Logo - Allen-Bradley Allen-Bradley - Frekvency converter

Allen-Bradley  PowerFlex® 6000 Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives are particularly suitable for new and retrofit centrifugal pump and fan applications. They provide easy installation and simple startup. The inverters are designed as a compact set input "Multiphase" transformers, power cells and control system. The modern mechanical design provides an easy-to-use access to every part of the application.

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Using 36-Pulse Rectifer (6 kV) and 18 power switchers (Power Cells) the input as well as the output electrical quantities almost sinusoidal without any use of filters is needed in both the network side and motor side. As a result, there are no special demands for cabling or reinforced insulation on the motor. Without additional filter operation it is possible to even do it with the use of old engines that are not designed for operation with a frequency inverter.

Flying Start Motor Mode
Frequency converters Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 enable flying start mode. Motor drive is "caught" in its speed and keeps running.

Automatic Switchover
Frequency converters Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 allow you to internally supply control power if customer-supplied single phase control is lost. Control power is supplied by a built-in UPS.

Voltage Tolerance
Frequency converters Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 are resistant to network tolerance  ± 10% Un long term,  short term  -20% Un, duration 60 seconds.

Allen-Bradley - Displej

Touchscreen Operator Interface
For optimizing performance and maintanance, monitoring and controlling your processes frequency converters Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 include an easy-to-use  color touchscreen with the option of pressing other language from the language screen.

Automatic Power Cell Bypass
In case of failure of power cells the frequency converters Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 are designed to automatically continue to operate which help achieve less downtime in the critical applications.

Read more about our apllication of Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 frequency converter in the Novaky Mine...

Technical Specifications


Input Voltage Rating

3 kV; 3,3 kV; 6 kV; 6,6 kV; 10 kV; 11 kV
Input Voltage Tolerance ±10 % Un
Input Voltage Sag -20% Un, duration 60 seconds
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz, ±5 %
Input Power Factor >0,95
Input Frequency (THDu) < 5% (meets IEEE 519-1992, GB/T 14549-1993, EN 61000-2 / -3)
Input Impedance Device Multiphase Isolation Transformer
Compliance Standards CE, IEC/EN 61800-3, IEC/EN 60204-1
VFD Efficiency >96.5 %
VFD Noise Level <80 dB
Output Voltage 0…3000 V; 0…3300 V; 0…6000 V; 0…6600 V; 0…10000 V
Motor Type Induction Motor
Overload Capacity 120% Overload for 1 min every 10 min
Rectifier Configurations 18 Pulse (3 kV, 3,3 kV), 36 Pulse (6 kV, 6,6 kV), 54 Pulse (10 kV)
Inverter Configuration Power Cells, Pulse Width Modulated power modules, U/f scalar control, vector control (available end of 2016)
Switch Diodes (Rectifier), IGBT (Inverter)
Power Rating Range 200 kW – 5 600 kW

VACON: Compact converters

Logo - Vacon

Compact converters are simple to use for general applications such as ventilators, pumps, air conditioning units etc. They are designed with the respect to fast and simple entry to its service. These converters are ideal option for OEM customers. They offer optimal, standard configuration and also general customization.

Vacon 10 Vacon 100 Vacon NXL
Foto - Vacon 10 Foto - Vacon 100 Foto - Vacon NXL
0,25 – 5,5 kW 1,1 – 30 kW 0,37 – 30 kW
Vacon 10 – extremely compact frequency converter, characteristic for its exceptional flexibility to various customer´s requirements. Vacon 100 HVAC – (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) converter specially designed for application to pumps, ventilators and compressors that are the parts of air-conditioning units. Vacon NXL – compact converter for industrial drives and municipal objects.

Multipurpose converters

Multipurpose converters Vacon are designed for constant, intensive use. They offer wide range of settings and high flexibility. They are characteristic for various coverage degrees for all setting types, durability and reliability in continuous operation.

Vacon NXS Vacon NXS - freestanding Vacon 50x
Foto - Vacon NXS Foto - Vacon NXS, Samostatne stojaci Foto - Vacon 50x
0,75 – 200 kW 200 – 560 kW 0.75 – 132 kW

Vacon NXS – efficient converter suitable for machine usage (crusher, conveyors, compressors, cranes …), also for use in the buildings (elevators, escalators…) and in all industrial branches.

Vacon 50x – a combination of power and highest industrial coverage IP66, which is ideal for the use under all extreme operating conditions where dirt and humidity could lead to converter damage.

Industrial converters

Industrial converters Vacon provide the highest level of reliability. They have a variety of useage options under any conditions throughout the whole system life of a machine or a technology.

Vacon NXP - air cooled Vacon NXP - liquid cooled Vacon NXC - enclosed converter
Foto - Vacon NXP, vzduchom chladený Foto - Vacon NXP, kvapalinou chladený Foto - Vacon NXC, skriňový
0,75 – 3250 kW 5,5 – 5300 kW 110 – 3250 kW
Air Cooled Vacon NXP – latest frequency converter designed for various application where resistance, dynamics and accuracy is needed. Liquid Cooled Vacon NXP – space saving converter suitable for places where it would be difficult or too expensive to  apply air cooled converter. With this converter you can achieve up to 70% space Enclosed converter Vacon NXC - a converter designed for the most demanding usage when a flexible, compact, robust and serviceable industrial converter is needed.

Products with shared one way fieldbus to 5,3 MW

Air Cooled Water Cooled
Foto - Vacon NXP, vzduchom chladený Foto - Vacon NXP, kvapalinou chladený
0,75 – 3250 kW 5,5 – 5300 kW
Products working on the shared DC fieldbbus have flexible architecture containing rectifiers, inverters and break choppers that can be used for building up free set according to customer´s wish. These products are, for example, used for controlling paper machines or for photovoltaic inverters.


Document Language
Vacon 10 Machinery (brief manual) Czech
Vacon 10 Machinery (complete manual) Czech
Vacon 20 (brief manual) Slovak
Vacon 100 HVAC (installation manuall) Slovak
Vacon 100 HVAC (apllication manual) Czech
Vacon NXL (manual) Slovak
Vacon NXL (application manual) Slovak
Vacon NXS/P (user´s manual) Slovak
Vacon NXS/P (application manual) Slovak
Vacon NXP/C (user´s manual) Czech
I/O rextension cards English

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