About Us - PWM CZ, s.r.o.

Brief History

Foto - HelmkeThe company PWM CZ, l.t.d. was founded in 2006.
The main impulse for the company foundation was the aim to use wide technical experience of a group of colleagues from the former company. This was related to heavy-current electrical engineering service and VN technique, mainly for smaller- scale work  with higher added value – revisions, preventive maintanance of VN facilities, vibro-diagnostic measurements and analysis, solving problems with power factor compensation.

Foto - CSXiLater, we were proud to enlarge our portfolio of the company carried activities by electricians training, run under the autority of National Labour Inspectorate. We are qualified to verify their knowledge and issue the certificates in electrical engineering.

The company became widely known for its attitude towards problem solving, technical profesionality and acceptable service prices. It cooperates with many satisfied clients such as Slovenský vodohospodárský podnik, DOVO Mrnka, Západoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, Duslo Šaľa, Istrochem Bratislava, Ferrenit Nitra…

Foto - VaconThe progress and company´s development mentioned above  forced us to change the legal form to  its higher level. New company, PWM CZ, s.r.o., has been founded.

Our vision

The PWM CZ company´s vision is to provide electrical engineering with sofisticated technical solutions, in their consequences leading to positive ecological effects, with the motto: ECOLOGY SOLUTIONS.