Lower voltage frequency converter, Finland

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Finnish company Vacon, founded in 1993, currently belongs to a group of worldwide leaders in developing and producing lower frequency converters. Vacon Group runs 18 susidiaries. They have sales offices in Europe, USA, Australia, Brazil, China, India and Thailand. Through its sales representatives and partners they operate in more than 100 countries.

Vacon offers powerful, reliable and easy to operate frequency converters for improving the process of directing, electrical energy savings and consequential cost reduction.

Foto - Vacon 50x

Multipurpose frequency converters:

  • Vacon NXS – efficient converter suitable for machine usage (crusher, conveyors, compressors, cranes …), also for use in the buildings (elevators, escalators…) and in all industrial branches.
  • Vacon 50x – a combination of power and highest industrial coverage IP66, which is ideal for the use under all extreme operating conditions where dirt and humidity could lead to converter damage.
Foto - Vacon NXP, kvapalinou chladený

Industrial frquency converters:

  • Air Cooled Vacon NXP – latest frequency converter designed for various applications where resistance, dynamics and accuracy is needed.
  • Liquid Cooled Vacon NXP – space saving converter suitable for places where it would be difficult or too expensive to apply air cooled converter. With this converter you can achieve up to 70% space savings.
  • Enclosed converter Vacon NXC - a converter designed for the most demanding usage when a flexible, compact, robust and serviceable industrial converter is needed.

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